About us

We hold the following licenses:

Croatian Association of Expert Witnesses and Valuers– Expert Witness in Construction and Real Estate Valuation Expert Witness
Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers- Licensed Civil Engineer and Construction Manager
Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning- Authorised Energy Performance Assessor

We offer:

- legalization of buildings 
- energy performance certificate for flats and buildings
- renovation projects for facades, roofs and joineryfor the purpose of increasing energy efficiency
in buildings and for obtaining funds
(subsidies and financial incentives) through projects of energy efficiency
- subdivision of buildings - solving of property-legal status for real estate
- appraisal of real estate market value
- design of family houses and condominiums
- construction expertise
- cost estimate for banks (loans for adaptation etc.)

Building Legalization

We legalize all types of buildings, strictly following the Act on Proceeding with Illegally Built...


Building Subdivision

We make subdivision of all types of buildings where it is not possible to establish tenant ownership of a particular part of the building. Building subdivision...


Energy Performance Certificate

Energy performance certificate is a document where the energy characteristics of a building are stated. The certificate contains general information...