Energy Performance Certificate

Energy performance certificate is a document where the energy characteristics of a building are stated. The certificate contains general information about building, its energy efficiency class, information about the person who issued the certificate, thermal and technical system data, climate data, data about the energy needed for referent and real climate data, explanations of technical terms and a list of applied regulations and norms.

Starting from 1.7.2013.  the certificate is needed for buildings which are on sale (whole buildings or their independent units such as apartments and offices), and from 1.1.2016. for those buildings that are for rent (except properties for tourist rent).

Residential and non-residential buildings are classified in eight energy efficiency classes of energy efficiency scale from A+ to G, with A+ being the most efficient, and G the least efficient class. 

Buildings with usable square footage no bigger than 50 square meters are not required to obtain the certificate.

If the owner does not obtain the energy efficiency certificate for the building or its independent part in the case of sale, the buyer is entitled to file a complaint to the State Inspectorate.