Building Subdivision

We make subdivision of all types of buildings where it is not possible to establish tenant ownership of a particular part of the building.

Building subdivision plan with all separate parts of the building comprises all separate parts (units) which can, in accordance to the Ownership and Other Proprietary Rights Act, be registered with Land Registry, and that includes: apartments, commercial properties, garages, parking space, as well as the secondary parts belonging to those separate units (sheds, basement or attic rooms, terraces, house gardens and so on).

Completed Building subdivision plan is submitted to the authorised county office or town office that issues Certificate of independent property units.

Legal part of the procedure dictates that the Co-ownership agreement is drawn up and signed by all co-owners of the building and then the signatures must be notarized by a notary public.

Land registry office of the County court then issues the Registration decision and registers the new situation, which is the last step of the subdivision procedure.